Important news about FOSS Security Campus 2023

We at Plain Schwarz were all extremely excited for FOSS Security Campus and were very much looking forward to have you all at the conference.

Today unfortunately we have to inform you that we will have to cancel the event in September. We are very sorry for any inconveniences that might result from this.

As you can imagine this is one of the hardest calls to make as an event organizer. There are various reasons that led us to this decision, but in short, we couldn’t generate the attention and participation we need to confidently go ahead with the event this year. After all, we want our events to be a pleasant and enriching experiences for attendees, speakers and our partners.

We got a lot of positive feedback in the last months for FOSS Security Campus and the overwhelming turnout of our call for submissions strengthens us in our belief that Security in FOSS is a topic that many people want to see discussed on stage. That’s why we won’t drop the ball on this.

As a first step we are planning to bring FOSS Security Campus to FOSS Backstage, our conference focusing on the non-coding aspects of Free and Open Source Software. We are confident that together with a more established conference, FOSS Security Campus can generate the necessary traction for a dedicated event and further the conversation on security in Open Source. If you are interested in our future activities revolving around FOSS Security Campus subscribe to our newsletter.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported us in creating the event, our founders Isabel and Thomas, our amazing program committee, and everyone who participated in our Call for Papers!

If you bought a ticket, we will of course reach out to you via mail.

We didn’t take the decision to cancel FOSS Security Campus lightly and we hope that it doesn’t cause you any more problems than the disappointment that we feel as well. Of course we would be delighted if you decide to be kept up to date on the future of FOSS Security Campus.