Thijs Ebbers & Jan Vogel will hold keynote

We are excited to announce the second keynote for the inaugural edition of FOSS Security Campus by Thijs Ebbers and Jan Vogel!

In their keynote they will explain what is wrong with typical “Least Privilege” & “Zero Trust” implementations and ask the confronting question: “Are we playing for a Draw or are we playing to Win against our IT security adversaries?”

Using some classical laws of diplomacy, business and engineering, they’ll develop a model for modern IT architecture suitable for todays challenges, based on based on desired state infrastructure, built using CI/CD and Infra/Policy-as-code. This architecture stores its Data in in Data Services and uses Events, Observability, and IAM to operate securely. They’ll explain this architecture and showcase different aspects for developers and engineers, C-level managers, as well as for security professionals such as CISOs and auditors.

At FOSS Security Campus, they’ll also answer the question if “zero privilege” equals “zero governance”, and that answer is most certainly not. ING has open sourced the first components of our “zero privilege” platform and we’ll also explain a bit on that journey.

Thijs and Jan will also discuss some “zero privilege” questions such as “Can it be built?”, “My workloads won’t fit!”, “We’re not a bank, we cannot afford this!” or “Doesn’t this collide with current views of established entities in the security industry?”, and interact with the audience on “zero privilege” as well as on  “open source governance” topics.

Thijs Ebbers

Architecting Cloud Native @ING since 2016 (employee since 2001). Architecture Lead for the Runtime Domain (“VM & Container Hosting”), for ING Private & Public Clouds. Speaker at KubeCon Amsterdam, OpenShift Commons San Diego & Detroit. Interviewed by TheCUBE during KubeCon Detroit. Author on TheNewStack (“ING on Building a Cloud Native Bank”). Living together with Karolina and son Erik in a small village close to Amsterdam.

Jan Vogel

Jan Vogel is Architect Tech/Infra/EA and chair of ING’s Open Source Board. He has been interviewed for an external article on ING’s approach to open source, which was published on several external sites. Living together with Carly in a different village slightly further away from Amsterdam.

We are very much looking forward to hearing Thijs and Jan speak at FOSS Security Campus in September! Make sure to get your tickets now to attend their keynote and the rest of our exciting program as well!